Friday, October 16, 2009

Business Bridge - My Experience

During my last year in the Industrial Design program at Philadelphia University, graduation was coming quicker than I expected and before I knew it, it was decision time.

The Business Bridge really overcame my expectations. The Industrial Design program lacked business classes and I realized the Business Bridge would be a good opportunity to learn basic business skills (business model innovation, statistics & operations, marketing, finance & accounting).

The small class size promoted excellent discussions and I learned way more than I expected. There was quite an array of majors participating in the Business Bridge (interior, fashion, graphic), which expanded the classes awareness of different majors as well as educated everyone about subtle aspects of each major. We worked together to form business models, statistics and forecasts of our product or business, and determined effective ways of marketing these ideas.

During the Business Bridge I learned practical business skills I could directly apply to my previous designs from my undergraduate. Overall, I gained more knowledge in 8 weeks than I thought was possible! I recommend the Business Bridge to ANY design student looking to gain business knowledge and advance their designs further than ever before.

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  1. John is a great example of an enterprising design student who wanted to enhance his business exposure and increase his post-graduate marketability by being immersed in our summer bridge program. When design thinking collides with business knowledge~ watch out~ innovation is sure to follow! John is now enrolled in our intensive one-year MBA program and he and several other bridge graduates are enhancing the cohort experience by bringing a creative approach and fresh focus to business education.